CIMENTO® enriched your projects with the concrete charm: the concreteness of tradition blends with the essentiality of modern trends to give rise to unique projects. The compound used in CIMENTO® products has more than 90% of mineral aggregates mixed with a cement binder, to give the panels the typical aspect of fair façade concrete.

Wall Panels

The interior panels are composed of a wooden material support over which few millimetres of CIMENTO® are spread: the cement maintains its solidity and the typical material appearance at sight, even though it is light and easily adaptable to the room.


The elegance of CIMENTO® suits also floor covering Available in plates of different sizes, CIMENTO® floors can be easily installed: a traditional element such as cement to give the environment elegance and originality.

Exterior Façade Coverings

The most famous architects of the 20th century used cement in their most beautiful works. In offering outdoor solutions with different finishes, CIMENTO® is inspired by these great artists, creating flexible and easy-to-install products while retaining the natural beauty of fair façade concrete.


The elegance and beauty of CIMENTO ® have been caught also by design and art specialists. In furniture and furnishings CIMENTO® is combined with iron, wood and glass to create original objects that give unique sensations.


The elegance of the most important fashion brands goes together with that of CIMENTO®. Many important brands have chosen CIMENTO® to furnish their boutiques, recognizing that the essentiality of concrete panels and furnishings can strongly bring out the beauty of the goods.


The research and the use of natural materials make of Cimento ® a green-oriented product, attested by international certifications such as FSC and PEFC, specific for the forestry sector and for products deriving from forests.

The fascination of tradition that always remains current: Cimento ® for Life

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