CIMENTO®’s materials, textures and colors take on three-dimensional and sculptural forms in the first CIMENTO® Collection.

A family of furnishings – born under the art direction of Aldo Parisotto – which stands out for its pure lines, its monolithic character and the lightness of the elements. An aesthetic language thta interacts well with contemporary design environments as well as adapting naturally to the most classic spaces.

The color palletes enhance the monolithic character of the collection: they are inspired by the natural colors linked to highly suggestive places and concepts such as the Venetian lagoon, the Adriatic Sea, the spice route, the suggestive Orient.


Dining tables: the thin, round or square top combines with a sculptural bedrock composed of a bundle of four volumetric and curved elements, bringing out all the aesthetic connotations of CIMENTO®, both in surface use and in three-dimensionality.


Bench: the seat and the backrest, light and slim, are delicately supported by the turned supports, having an aesthetic and structural balance between minimum thicknesses, full shapes, tactile surfaces in CIMENTO®.


Coffee tables and seats: monoliths with plastic and rounded shapes with a strong material exterior, they give three-dimensions to the typical materiality of CIMENTO® .


Coffee tables and seats: monolithic and sculptural, the overlapped cylinders of the base and the main body create a totemic shape with essential lines, that dialogues with the delicate irregularity of the CIMENTO® surface

Color Pallettes