Thanks to CIMENTO® outdoor panels, today it is possible to create the charme of facing cement at any time and in any place.

CIMENTO® external façades are easy to install and do not require additional finishes or plasters.

The panel consists of a fibre-cement tyle with few millimetres of CIMENTO® on it, in order to give the panel the material effect that distinguishes the interior and floor coverings.

The panel can be fixed to the ventilated façade structure through the Ando holes or with a concealed system. In both cases, the panels are delivered ready for installation.

CIMENTO® for external façades is available in different finishing:


Beyond being available in different colors.

Fixing systems:

CIMENTO® has various installation needs, that is why we have foreseen different and specific fixing systems:

Ando: not just a fixing system, but a very precise aesthetic choice. The panel can be easily fixed to the support through the appropriate holes. Thanks to the hole cover, whose aspect matches the panel, the fixing screw is hidden and the hole becomes a decorative element in the wall.

Ventilated Facades: a simple system for covering the external façades of any building, creating perimeter walls, giving a palace an external modern aspect. The panels come complete with bushing and fixing screw to adapt to any ventilated façade.